Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jet Li suffering from hyperthyroidism and thin 8 kg

Jet Li suffering from hyperthyroidism and thin 8 kg totally do not mind, yesterday donated one million Hong Kong dollars (about 20 million dollars) for Hong Kong and China, among blind cataract patients.

Jet Li's life and death from the tsunami in South Asia experienced after the good people to help set up the "One Foundation", but also whole-hearted dedication, the fund going around doing good deeds, apart from fund-raising will also be used in various charity on the fund.

Appeal for donations to save patients with eye diseases

Yesterday, he was specifically appearance Kowloon City Hong Kong Eye Hospital, Tai Chen Lan support the directors, ophthalmology famous doctor Shun-Chao open "bright eyes project", designed for China and Hong Kong's poor cataract patients with cataract surgery done. He is also the name of One Foundation to donate one million Hong Kong dollars, but expressed the hope that money to be able to take care of the needy people of Hong Kong.

Jet said yesterday: "to tell me that this scheme too, I have the doctor confirm that we support the project, with over 100 million, there is consideration, because money is raised by the people of Hong Kong, therefore, wish to take into account the need of the people of Hong Kong , we'll do a platform to make people donate money to help China further eye patients. "

Jet Li suffering from hyperthyroidism sharp thin 8 kg totally do not care.

He explained that last year's 512 earthquake in Sichuan, and then one fund to raise more than 100 million Hong Kong dollars (about 20 million dollars) as the Sichuan reconstruction, if necessary, will use these donations to help Sichuan cataract patients.

Jet Li's mention of charity on the flight, lead to too much can not help, said: "Jet Li's talk about each time funds are talking non-stop, getting his thyroid excitement, violence thin 8 kg, I call him to see a doctor!" However, Jet Li did not mind, just say: "I am very busy, because four out of a meeting, why we have recently lost 8 kg, there is nothing."

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